Coaching Workshops

Work. Thrive.  FLOURISH!©:   Resilience  for life and work to drive peak performance and combat burnout.

Connected Communications©:   The art and science of effective communication.

The New Way to Network©:  Build strong connections to create the village while providing connection and engagement in your business community.

Empowered with Empathy©Utilize the power of empathy to strengthen your connections and realize well-being, better collaboration and engagement.

Ahead of Time©Technology for time management and focusing on your priorities through values-based prioritization.

About ADHD©Embracing ADHD in the workplace for better performance and well-being.

PRISM©:  Practical Intentional Stress Management.

C.A.U.S.E.© :   Compassion Awareness Understanding Support:  Empowering those with ADD/ADHD.

S.A.F.E.©:   Students with ADD/ADHD forever empowered.  Support for college students and high-school students with ADD.

FEARLESS FIRST YEAR©:   Master the transition from high school to college.

Contact us today for more information.  All coaching workshops are evidence-based,  informed by empirical studies in cognitive, social and positive psychology, leadership and management science.  Interactive formats include exercises for participants to practice the techniques presented.

All workshops can be customized for your organization, business, school or group.  All workshops are available both in-person and virtual format. Student versions are available.  Contact us today to discuss your coaching needs!