I conduct private and group coaching for individuals and organizations to address client-specific challenges and goals.  Coaching empowers people to realize their full potential and promotes  personal and professional growth through sustainable strategies for lifelong development.  My coaching is based on whole-person coaching techniques developed from the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and well-being.  My approach draws from an academic background in cognitive psychology, years of experience as a management consultant and software developer, and my ongoing coach training.  I am a trusted partner as clients explore and execute actionable, research-driven strategies for growth.  Through coaching, I can help you harness the power of your brain and change the way you think and act to bring about positive change in your personal and professional life.  I teach practical techniques for resilience and sustainable transformation which will enhance your relationships, improve your performance and satisfaction at work, and jump-start your personal journey.

Coaching is offered in-person, virtually, or on-site at your organization.

Executive Coaching

Top performers

Team Building

Strengths Based Leadership Development

Poor Performers

Professional Development

Assessments and Shadowing


Managing Priorities and Focus

Personal Coaching

Life Transitions


Interview Preparation

Skills Development





Managing Time and Priorities

Stress Management


College Selection, Admission and Transition

Skills that Build©  Leadership Development Series

I maintain strict confidentiality and adhere to the Code of Ethics endorsed by the International Coach Federation.   I offer a free 30-minute  introductory session to enable the client to learn about the coaching process.

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